Sunday, March 15, 2015

MMS Visit 3.14.15

Andy spent Friday morning in the hangar. I am sure you can imagine that he sort of enjoyed this...hahaha! It was personally encouraging to be there and a solid reminder that this is where we belong. All signs point towards a great need for more qualified mechanics in the mission field. MMS has a year-and-a-half backlog of work! The hangars were busy and full of projects. While we were visiting, there was a group of students from LeTourneau University on a spring break work trip. It was also a great encouragement to hear repeatedly, "We can't wait for you guys to be here!"

 This is a Cessna 206 flown by MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship).

This Piper Aztec (nicknamed the "AzTruck") is flown by Arctic Barnabas, an organization based in Alaska. The airplane was donated to Arctic Barnabas. Despite being well kept, MMS found 114 issues that need to be addressed. The aircraft will serve the Alaska community well because it is a heavy hauler and can fly in the rugged terrain.

Andy installed spark plugs for this engine. This plane flies in Africa. The organization used to trade out engines with Continental for $30,000/engine. Now they bring their engines to MMS (often over time in many pieces) to do an overhaul for $15,000. This gives the organization the ability to have 2 engines overhauled for the same price and ready for mission service.

Andy talked to many of the MMS mechanics throughout the day, learning from their perspectives and stories. One of the staff commented that each person brings unique skills and gifts to the hangar. Andy is eager to contribute to the ministry at MMS.

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