Thursday, March 12, 2015

MMS Visit 3.12.15

Hey all! We’re in Coshocton, OH -- home of MMS Aviation! You know how close we are to being fully funded and starting at MMS. It is such an encouragement to be here and reconnect with how God has called us to serve. Even in the short time we have been here, God has affirmed his plans for us! We are grateful to rest in his faithfulness and provision!

We had a great trip out to Ohio. It takes about 6 hours from Harrisburg so the kids were prepared with lots of car activities and snacks!

The first stop was the hangar -- OF COURSE! We got the see lots of familiar faces and some new ones, too. A few MMSers, who we hadn’t met yet, knew us from our facebook posts and approached us with an inquisitive, “Gudemans? Great to see you! Can’t wait till you get here!” We had the distinct pleasure of seeing a modified Cessna 182 belonging to SIM USA take its first test flight since modifications. This was the same airplane with the diesel engine that we mentioned in our summer newsletter (2014). It was so great to see that project come full circle.

We are staying at the Stalter House, MMS’s guest house. Upon arrival, we were settling into the bedrooms and unpacking our cooler. Andy called me to come upstairs. He said I just had to see what was in the bedroom closet. I was unsure…was it gross or funny or weird??? So, for the past two years I have been blaming Andy for losing a favorite skirt of mine. He does the laundry at our house and I was sure the skirt had gone the way of single socks. Turns out, I brought that skirt with us to MMS for our initial interview…and left it hanging in the closet which is where we found it yesterday!

Dan and Juli Pottner (Dir. of Human Resources for MMS) welcomed us for dinner and we are quickly feeling like part of the MMS family!

On this trip we are scouting out housing options and schools as well as visiting with MMS families. We only have 30% of our funding left to go so it’s time to start making concrete plans for moving.
Look for updates over the next few days while we are at MMS!


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