Monday, March 16, 2015

MMS Visit 3.14.15 (part II)

Saturday was a day for the books. We made it through but we’ll never do it again (if we can help it!).

We woke up in Coshocton after a late night visiting our friends Jamie and Clifton Martin and their ADORABLE kiddos Kylie, Addie, and Ammon! We were not packed AT. ALL. So, we spent 2 hours packing, cleaning up the guest house, packing the car, showering the kids for the first time in 4 days…the usual. We left Coshocton at 10am and headed for Youngstown, OH, two hours away.

In Youngstown we stopped to visit some CCO friends Garrett and Mandy White. We did CCO New Staff Training with Garrett and Mandy in 2009. Thankfully, they have 3 kids so there was plenty of play time to break up the car ride! They fed us a delicious lunch (including a pork roast from Lamppost Farm…wait till you see where we stopped next!). It was great to catch up on their life and ministry with college students and share how God is working in our lives.

From Youngstown we drove about 45 minutes to Lamppost Farm. My way-back friends from CCO outdoor leadership teams days, Steve and Mel Montgomery, are farmers now! Steve gave us a tour of the farm and we saw the cattle, pigs, and sheep (along with their guard llama). We are excited to get meat from Lamppost once we move to Ohio. It was a good and muddy time! It is really great to know we have so many good people surrounding us when we move to OH!

THEN – yes, we kept going – we drove about an hour to Cranberry, PA to visit The Nan! Nan is a dear friend from Wesley Church, where we served doing campus ministry. Many of you know that was a dark time but friends like Nan, and a few others, were gifts from the Lord to sustain us. We had a too-short visit with her but the kids enjoyed the St. Patty’s cupcakes that Nan’s daughter Kim had for them!

We made a quick stop to pick up dinner-to-go and made the last leg of our trip (for that day!) to Pittsburgh. WHEW. We stayed with my sister-friend Sarah in her luxurious guest room and we all slept in till 7am! Sarah owns a coffee bar called Caffe D’Amore at the Pittsburgh Public Market (and other mobile locations) so you can bet that I had some super-duper coffee on Sunday morning! We chilled and breakfasted and drank all the coffee with Sarah and our new friend Michaela before heading home for Harrisburg.

Did you count? That was three stops between Coshocton and Pittsburgh! In a 24 hour period we met with 5 people, shared our story, and had the gift of listening and learning from each of them. It was so worth it to spend time with wonderful people and know what special places each one has in our journey.

MMS Update:
We are on a support raising whirlwind! We’ve got 3 months to raise an additional $1500/month to reach 100% of our needed support.
Here’s a visual breakdown:
10 supporters @ $100/mo.
10 supporters @ $50/mo.
= $1500/mo.

Could you be one of those new monthly supporters?!?! Maybe those exact numbers don't fit your budget but perhaps you can see yourself giving at another level. 

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