Monday, December 2, 2013


*Disclaimer: after proofreading this post I realized that I grossly overused the exclamation mark.  Too bad.  I was just really excited about a lot of things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!  We had a lovely long weekend with our families and were grateful for a few days to spend together as a little-4-person-Gudeman-family! 
            I was going to say "relaxing as a little-4-person-Gudeman-family" but with a 6yo and a 3yo there   
            isn't much relaxing going on! Ha!  But lots of fun was happening!

Micah contemplating his turkey dinner!

Grace and RP at the kids table!

Don't mind me.

Grace went to the movies for the first time! Naturally, she saw Planes. 
I ran a 5K Turkey Trot! 
Micah turned 3! 
Andy spearheaded the Christmas decorating at our house!  We are thankful for his dad's help with the lights on the tree :-)  No Clark Griswold mishaps here!

Christmas magic :-) Try not to be jealous of our floral wallpaper borders.
I am so thankful for this guy <3

And the turkeys are off!
I'm just thankful I can run with a smile on my face!

We avoided Black Friday shopping so we could truly appreciate what we already have rather than adding more "stuff" to our lives.  We ventured out but without a buying agenda.  It's frustrating -- yes??? -- to watch the news about people fighting over Black Friday deals just hours after gorging on turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie --> uhhh, I mean reflecting on all they are thankful for. 

Seriously, though.  It is just crazy. 

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving {November 30th} we celebrated Micah's 3rd birthday!  I vividly remember having Thanksgiving dinner 5 days before he was born.  Talk about feeling stuffed.
What a kid!!!  We love this 3yo!!!
Pumpkin birthday pie!

Licking the pumpkin off his #3...wouldn't want to waste any!

On October 27th our sweet Gracie turned 6! 
Love this girl!!!  Such a sassy, sweet 6yo!!!


Disney on Ice for her b-day!!!!  Serious business.  Don't smile.

We continue to raise support for full-time missions with MMS.  Things will slow down over the holidays as our schedule {work/school/church/family} is too full {of good stuff} for church and home visits.  We are 20% funded (!!!!!) and praise the Lord for this!!!!  We are excited to have a more focused fundraising time after the New Year. 

If you'd like to join us in prayer, here are some specifics:

1.  Our spiritual growth -- we will be focusing on some particular areas in which to grow with the help of our pastors.  This is so exciting to us!  We are thankful for leaders who care about us, for a process that exposes our needs, and an opportunity to grow in God's Word.
2.  Our kids -- pray for their hearts to be open to God.  Also pray for their ability to learn obedience and respect.  They are GREAT kids but they need Jesus just like the rest of us.
3.  Parenting -- this is probably our biggest challenge currently and it is likely to remain our biggest challenge for, oh, I don't know, 18 years or so.  Or forever.  Consistency, diligence, obedience, and love.
4.  Preparing our hearts for missions.  There is so much involved with preparing to go -- spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  In church on Sunday I was overwhelmed -- with sadness, fear, grief, but also the knowledge of strong support-- at the idea of leaving my church family.  I realized how much preparation my heart will need in order to go.

Here is a glimpse at some additional Gudeman Fall Fun!
A fall family hike

Grace's 1st loose tooth!!!
Togetherness <3

Togetherness with scarecrows <3
Peter Pan & Tinkerbell rocked the block!
So many Fall Festivals, so little time!
Grace met Jan Brett, the author and illustrator of some of her FAVORITE books!

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