Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Desk Jockey, Super-Heroes & School

There's been quite a bit of exciting transition in our family over the past several weeks!

I {Trisha} started a new FULL-TIME job!  I am a caseworker at the County Assistance Office.  This is a *huge* answer to prayer and we are daily humbled at God's provision.  Many people have prayed with us for over a year {one year, three months and ten days to be exact} for this and now we rejoice together at how God provides at exactly the right time.  My job is about 10 minutes from home so I can take Grace to the bus stop in the morning and be home for dinner.

Me in the land of cubes and fluorescent lighting!
Andy will continue to work at Costco evenings and weekends while he takes care of the kids and the household during the days.  He is also the main driver of our support raising efforts.  We both do the calls, letters, conversations, visits, etc., but Andy makes the game plan that moves us forward. 

He's pretty much Super-Dad.  His Super-Dad cape sometime gets stuck in the door of his BatMinivan-mobile.

He cooks.
     He cleans.
          He launders.
He's Suuuuuuper-Dad!
It really doesn't get any better than this!  Don't show this picture to his chiropractor...
Grace started kindergarten in August and is totally a pro.  She loves Ms. Geyer, art, centers {rotating activities}, and reading.  She picks out her own clothes and gets dressed by herself each morning.  She reads in her book-nook in the morning until I get up.  Every morning she tells me, "Mom, hurry up or we'll be late for the bus!"

It's 7:00am.  Her bus comes at 8:07am.

Micah is also off to school this year -- pre-school...or "pre-cool" as he calls it!  He goes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to Ridgeway Nursery School.  He also spends his days visiting Fort Indiantown Gap airfield, hiking around Memorial Lake or at Wildwood, or chillin' at the library.  A perk of Micah's pre-school schedule is that it frees up a few hours during the week for Andy to focus on support-raising. 

And he's off!
We are moving along steadily in our support raising for MMS and are currently at 14%.  Our ability to get to the mission field depends on how quickly we raise 100% of the funds we need.  We are eager to get to MMS!  We are thankful for each opportunity to share about missions and how we hope to be a part of kingdom building at MMS.

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