Wednesday, August 28, 2013

10%...who knew?!?!

Woo hoo!!!  We have officially reached the 10% mark in our support raising!

If you had asked me a few months ago if I thought 10% was a significant amount of ANYTHING, I would have said no.  But now?!?!  I am stoked!

It means that people are sharing our vision for missions.
It means that people are giving sacrifically to see God's kingdom expand.
It means that God's plan for us to serve in mission aviation is becoming a reality.

Riding the plane-train
We spent last Saturday at a Missions Aviation Fest in Lancaster.  The theme was Aviation Maintenance and MMS was the featured organization!

The kids had a blast and Andy volunteered with JAARS offering helicopter rides.  He did the safety briefing and loaded folks into the helicopter.  The kids rode a plane-train, bounced in a bounce house, had their hands painted {ladybug and helicopter, respectively}, made toy airplanes, and had their first helicopter ride!
It's amazing how even on days that are exhausting from work and play, when our focus is on missions, we aren't tired.  We might be able to fall asleep in an instant but the life-giving force of serving God by using our gifts far outweighs the feelings of weariness.  We are so grateful to those partnering with us in ministry to allow us to follow the Lord into missions.

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Assembling an airplane courtesy of MMS

Like father, like son *happy sigh*

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