Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's a New Year!

It's a new year and we are excited about where the Lord is leading us!  We hope to get to MMS in 2014 and we are eager to serve as God leads us.  Our Christmas season was full with family, time with our kiddos, unexpected illness and time spent visiting in the hospital (Trisha's Pappaw), perpetual coughing....ahhhhhemmmm, excuse me, and even snow!

Here's a picture journey of our Christmas season. Enjoy! Please continue to pray with us for God's provision in MMS support raising. We are looking forward to many contacts and are hopeful for the Lord to provide mission partners.

We had some December-fun with Christmas lights, snow, winter-weather-dress-up, and a Jingle-Bell-Jog in freeeeeezing snowy temps!

We spent Christmas morning with our kids and had hours to open and play and open and play and eat and open and play some more! That was a gift in and of itself!

If you'll join us in praying, here are some things we are focusing our prayers around:
~Renewed energy for support raising. The months of November and December were intentionally low-key in support raising because we know people (and ourselves, too!) were focusing on family and additional activities.

~Andy requested a winter leave-of-absence from Costco for March and we pray for this to be approved. This is an opportunity for employees to request extended time off during the non-busy season without losing their status. We hope to make a lot of visits, talks, phone calls...whatever! an effort to invite folks into the mission and ministry of MMS.

~Prayer for our personal walks with the Lord and the discipleship of our family.

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