Monday, July 27, 2015

Our First Ohio Update!

Sadly, it’s taken over a month to sit down and write an official update since we moved on June 21st. At the time, there wasn’t much to say other than – we moved! We slowly got our house set up (ahem…a few boxes linger) and found our way around the countryside and towns nearby. There is not a Target or Costco to be found but I think we will find our way in this strange new land!

::Support & MMS Update::
As of this morning (7/27/15) we are down to needing just $365/month. 

This is H U G E. 

Just two weeks ago it was $750 so God is truly supplying our needs! There are seven new families joining us as ministry partners and we praise God for how he raises up his people to make the work of missions happen! What a gift to be surrounded in spirit by folks who are trusting us to do God’s work. 

We have been sending emails that highlight different projects in the hangar at MMS so that you can see some more specific ways that MMS partners with mission aviation organizations. Those email features will be posted here on the blog soon, so you can check them out!

We will be part of the MMS crew coming to the Smoketown Mission Aviation Festival in Smoketown, PA on August 15-16. Come see us there! It is a really fun family day and a great, hands-on way to learn more about missionary aviation.

::Communications Update::
We are online infrequently because we don’t have internet at our house, other than a wireless hotspot. We will continue to communicate primarily through email so make sure you are getting our emails! They come through MailChimp from so if you don’t see them in your main inbox, check your promotions folder and drag us to your inbox! We will also be blogging more regularly. Facebook is super unreliable because it doesn’t show you all of our posts. An exciting post that I put up yesterday was only shown to 59 people :-( Boo facebook. 

Email us ::
Snail mail us :: 11699 Blue Ridge Rd, Newcomerstown, OH 43832
Call us :: (A)814.404.1203 / (T)814.404.9764

::Family Update::
Overall, we are adjusting well. The house we rent is truly a gift and we feel quite at home here. We have visited Fresno Bible Church for the past 3 weeks and have been blessed by sound biblical teaching and a rambunctious group of kiddos! Micah’s Sunday school class is full of 4yo boys! Last week, Jess Grote (a fellow MMS mom) hosted God’s Girl Glamour Day for the little girls. They got pampered with hairdos and painted nails! At each room they went to, they met a woman from the Bible who had a characteristic besides outward beauty that made her beautiful. The girls learned that God looks at the beauty on the inside. What a treat and such good lessons for the girls!

During our second week in OH, the kids attended Everest VBS. We have been hanging out with other MMS families over the past few weeks. On the 4th of July we camped out at the MMS hangar for a BBQ and fireworks. This week the kids are participating in a cooking camp at a local farmers market. Each day they prepare and eat some delicious food!  

Here are a few scenes from the past few weeks. Enjoy!

The pond near our yard...great for finding little creatures!

Digging our garden and finding critters!

Micah getting a tractor ride with Mr. Miller, our next-door-farmer

Grace's turn in the tractor

The newest renters at our house -- chirp chirp chirp!

Fun day at the Columbus Zoo

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