Friday, May 22, 2015

Already{but not yet}

We’re ready. But we’re not.

We’re gone. But we’re not.

We’re there. But we’re not.

We are all living in the already{but not yet}. A life of faith in Christ is defined by the already{but not yet}. Our hope is secure. The battle with sin and evil is won. We know how the story ends. But we are still dwelling here in our earthly life living out the calling God has for our lives. That is our meta-narrative. Our big story. That’s what things look like when we sweep in broad strokes.

Our micro-universe is mirroring this big story. Andy & I are living with the already{but not yet}. We know the call that God has for us. We don’t always understand the details but we are confident in His call. We know we are serving at MMS Aviation. We know that God has and will continue to provide what we need to serve. Just yesterday we found a house – we have a place to live!

That is the already.

We still need $1000 in monthly support.

That is the {but not yet}.

The beauty of our meta-narrative – the big picture that tells our faith story – is that it is true for our individual stories, too. When we are in the center of God’s will, we know how the story ends. The Lord humbles us along the way, reminding us who is the author of this story. But that never changes the ending. 

Notice how there is no space between the already and the {but not yet}? If you are a grammar nerd like me, this probably drives you nuts. It is annoying and sort of uncomfortable to have no space where space belongs. That's how life can be in the already{but not yet}

Uncomfortable. Not the way it should be. We want our life to be comfortable and follow the rules, but you've read the Bible. You know. You know Christ doesn't always leave space where space belongs. He invades our lives and makes us live in an uncomfortable, rule-breaking, space-less place. Welcome to the already{but not yet}. Get uncomfortable.

In Philippians 1:6, despite the uncomfortable space-less life of following Christ, Paul declares, “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”

The work that God has begun in us – and you! – will be completed. Our support will come in and we’ll being serving at MMS! We will labor and work and call and visit but it is God who completes the work.

The already{but not yet}  house we are going to rent in Ohio!


We just made a trip to OH earlier this week and these thoughts bounced around in my head the whole time we were there. We are making plans for a part of our life that is already{but not yet}. To follow the biblical narrative is to live by steps of faith. No prophet, disciple, or apostle lived with the knowledge about each specific step in their journey but they did live with holy anticipation of how the story ends.

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