Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Days

 Our summer has been full and fun so far! Here is a glimpse of what we've been up to in June and July.

         The kids finished Soccer Shots!

Grace had her last day of KINDERGARTEN!!! It's off to 1st grade!

Chillin' in the back yard
Happy Father's Day to Andy! Micah was really in a festive mood...

Andy and Micah enjoying some s'mores!
More s'mores!
Grace got her first driving lesson from Poppy :-/

Bikes, fireworks, swimming...what more could a kid want???

Celebrating Emily's birthday!

Micah's first trip to the ER...thankfully not a true emergency, just a bloody stubbed toe :-)

 A visit to Spiral Path Farm to dig for potatoes and enjoy some homemade ice cream!

For the record...Micah DID NOT help AT ALL. He posed for a cute picture but for the most part he just banged himself on the head with the container until we needed to fill it with more potatoes.

A trip up to Chautauqua of our favorite places!

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