Thursday, April 3, 2014

CaREEr MiSSioNArIeS!!!

After a long application process and a very encouraging interview with the Bible Fellowship Church Board of Missions we got the BIG envelope in the mail.

{baby drummer drum roll please}

Dear Andrew & Trisha,
We are please to inform you that you have been accepted by the Bible Fellowship Church Board of Missions as CAREER MISSIONARIES (emphasis mine, obviously).

Woo hoo!!!!

Well, what the heck does that mean? The BFC BOM (rejoice acronym lovers everywhere) is not a sending board that doles out money. They act as a gateway to the BFC community. It is with their 100% backing that we will approach the network of the BFC pastors and churches as we work towards becoming fully-funded.

The BFC has a high level of commitment to supporting missions and we are excited to share yet ANOTHER way that God is advancing the Gospel around the world. Airplanes. Or rather what and who they carry! Bibles, everyday life and medical supplies, and missionaries! Missionary aircraft make the transportation of goods, services, and people SAFE & EFFICIENT.

This presents a HUGE prayer request.

Visiting churches typically happens on weekends.
Andy works at Costco on the weekends.
This is a problem. 

We need $500 in monthly support for Andy to be able to leave his job at Costco and concentrate on support raising. Support raising is a full-time job that he is currently juggling with day-time-child-rearing and evening/weekend work at Costco.

Please pray for $500 in monthly support! We will not be able to start the BFC concert tour...I mean missions-speaking tour until Andy isn't working at Costco. We also have other invitations to speak at churches near and far that we must put on hold until we reach our short-term goal of $500 in monthly support.

Praise the Lord for the opportunity to share about Missionary Aviation with the BFC community!

In other news, Grace has lost 2 teeth and Micah lost all the important Lego pieces (you know, the cool flames and wings and missile launchers). Andy & I have lost our minds. Never a dull moment!

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