Monday, July 22, 2013

We are En Route

We are En Route
It is with great joy that we can say that the Lord has finally led us to becoming part of the missionary aviation community as we share the Good News of the transformational power of Jesus Christ.  After a year of much learning and uncomfortable chiseling, we have been accepted to be a part of Missionary Maintenance Services (MMS Aviation).  MMS is a fully operational mission organization that provides repair, overhaul, and modification services to in-service missionary aircraft labor-free to Christian organizations.  While serving as a missionary with MMS Aviation, Andy will gain the experience necessary to sit for the FAA mechanic (A&P) license.  Missionary pilots must also have their A&P to serve in remote locations around the world sharing the Gospel, performing medical evacuations, and bringing much needed supplies to missionaries.

What is Mission Aviation?
The primary purpose is to make spreading the Gospel easier and more efficient.  Aircraft can make a dangerous three-week trek through jungle, over mountains and through rivers, SAFE in about an hour.  This makes transporting supplies, medical evacuation, and Bible translation possible to the unreached in a much faster way.  Mission aviation is transporting people and supplies her in the U.S. and throughout the world.  Mission aviation serves mission organizations and it also serves people in need of supplies, medical transport, or alternative travel.  

Joining MMS Aviation
Our recent trip to Missionary Maintenance Services (MMS) in Coshocton, OH, was incredible!  Thank you for your prayers and well-wishes during our preparation and time there.  Our goal was to learn more about MMS, for Andy to have an evaluation time in the hangar, and interview to be part of the mission and ministry at MMS.  All of those things were accomplished and we are excited to  join the ministry team at MMS!  We are on our way to being full-time missionaries and our next step will be to begin the ministry of support raising. 

 Learn More
Visit MMS Aviation's website for more information about their ministry and how you can be part of our missionary journey.  There is also great info at JAARS's website.  
The Gudemans ---> En Route!

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